7 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Which anime, if any, is your guilty pleasure favorite? High School DxD? What if I tell you there are many Anime Like High School DxD. After you’ve finished the series, there are plenty of other excellent anime to watch. We have the anime similar to High School DxD that you’re looking for. The greatest anime series that is comparable to High School DxD are ranked here, along with related genres, characters, relationships from anime, and more.

Trinity Seven, The Testament of Sister New Devil, and High School of the Dead are a few excellent High School DxD suggestions. Which TV series ought you should watch once you graduate from high school DxD? Choose the anime that you think other HSDxD fans should see!

Anime Like High School DxD

1. The Testament of Sister New Devil

The Testament of Sister New Devil

Are you trying to find Anime Like High School DxD where the main character makes a deal with gorgeous demons? The Testament of Sister New Devil might then be of interest to you. The new step-sisters of Basara Toujou are everything but typical. The Demon Lord’s daughter is named Mio, and her loyal servant is a succubus named Maria.

When Basara finds out, he divulges his own secret: he used to be a part of a clan known as the “Heroes” that was dedicated to defeating demons. However, Basara’s love for his new sisters is too great for him to return to his former ways. Rather, he makes a deal with Mio to keep them safe from Heroes and other dangers.

2. Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven

Arata Kasuga, Anime Like High School DxD uses a grimoire that belonged to his cousin Hijiri Kasuga to recreate his community after it is destroyed by the unexplained Breakdown Phenomenon. He is confronted by Lilith Asami, a demon, who demands that he give over the grimoire or his life. Any choice is not appealing to Arata. Rather, he takes advantage of the chance to enroll in Royal Biblia Academy.

He meets up with six other magic users there, Lilith among them. The seven of them cooperate to strengthen their abilities, bring back Arata’s hometown, and preserve Hijiri. Trinity Seven has a lot of fan service, a harem setup, supernatural aspects, and a school atmosphere similar to High School DxD. 

3. Date A Live

Date A Live

In the universe of Date A Live, entities known as Spirits have the power to instantly kill millions of people by producing massive space earthquakes. The sole means of preventing them? encouraging them to become amiable enough to accept a kiss by taking them on a date. That’s the role of Itsuka Shido. Although he appears to be a typical high school boy, he is an expert at dating Spirits. 

How is this Anime Like High School DxD? Both shows center on incredibly strong women who nevertheless have space in their hearts for a seemingly ordinary person to fall in love with. 

4. Demon King Daimao

Demon King Daimao

Akuto Sai’s goal is to improve the world, not to become the Demon King. However, he cannot change fate. His companion Junko no longer trusts him after he claims that he will one day rule the underworld, but many other girls find it fascinating nonetheless.

In any case, because he has a particular destiny, he is surrounded by lovely female students who want to be with him. Does that seem Anime Like High School DxD? 

5. Sekirei


Look for an apparently normal male character whose hidden powers are awakened by a gang of stunning women with magical origins in Anime Like High School DxD. Rather than following the unfortunate Issei, Sekirei goes after Minato Sahashi, a student who failed both of his college entrance examinations. His studies are cut short when Musubi, a stunning alien, physically crashes into his life.

With a kiss, Musubi, an alien species known as Sekirei, can cause humans to become Ashikabi gene carriers. Minato finds himself competing in high-risk events with his new partner as part of the Sekirei Plan when Musubi kisses him and wakes his gene. Though it looks like fun at first, Minato soon realizes that the stakes in these confrontations are far higher than she could have ever anticipated.

6. So I Can’t Play H!

So I Can't Play H!

Ryousuke Kaga has a filthy mentality, just like Iseei Hyodo, and his peers don’t quite enjoy that about him. Like Issei’s life changed when he met Rias Gremory, Ryousuke’s life changed when he met Lisara Restall, a Soul Reaper. Lisara is searching for the One, a mystical individual. She needs energy for this. Lisara finds Ryousuke’s abundance of sexual energy to be satisfactory. The two come to an odd agreement that enables Lisara to take Ryousuke’s zeal and channel it toward her own goals. In return, Ryousuke enjoys lewd interactions and discovers some surprising facts about the universe.

7. Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire

Due to his academic difficulties and inability to attend a conventional school, Tsukune Aono is sent to Youkai Academy, a boarding school full of otherworldly creatures. Despite the otherworldly girls’ romantic attraction, he has to keep his identity a secret. In High School DxD, however, Issei had comparable experiences with demons.

Wrapping Up

Anime series such as “High School of the Dead,” “Shinmai Maou no Testament,” “Trinity Seven,” “Date A Live,” “Monster Musume,” “To Love-Ru,” “Sekirei,” and “Campione!” are suitable for fans of “High School DxD” and those who enjoy action, supernatural elements, and ecchi themes. These shows provide unusual encounters with ethereal characters, mystical beings, and playful ecchi humor. But it’s crucial to review viewer discretion recommendations and age ratings.

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