8 Terrifying Scariest Clown Movies On Netflix

If you’re afraid of clowns, you might want to exercise care as we explore the world of horror that these movies create. As we examine the scariest clown movies on Netflix, get ready to have your nerves strained and your pulse racing. With a huge collection of terrifying films to please even the most ardent fans, Netflix has emerged as a paradise for horror experts. Viewers may choose from a wide variety of terrifying Scariest Clown Movies On Netflix, including timeless classics and cutting-edge works of art.

Due to their remarkable capacity to arouse a variety of emotions, clowns have for years been a source of both amusement and dread in popular culture. The clown’s capacity to evoke both dread and panic as well as laughter and joy is evidence of their mysterious character. .

As we explore the horrific tales that hide beneath the painted grins and vibrant costumes, get ready to be fascinated, terrified, and delighted. In this article, we’ll look at some of the scariest clown movies on Netflix, each of which presents an original and terrifying angle on the clown stereotype. 

Come along on an exciting journey as we explore some of the most haunting clown movies on Netflix, filled with fright, suspense, and anxiety. After this amazing rollercoaster journey, you may wonder if you’ll ever view a clown in the same light again.


1. “It” (2017)

It 2017 clown movie

“It” is a 2017 horror film based on Stephen King’s book, set in Derry, Maine, and starring the Losers’ Club, a group of young people who are haunted by an ancient evil force, Pennywise the Clown. The Scariest Clown Movies On Netflix expertly combines coming-of-age drama, tension, and horror themes. The youthful ensemble gives outstanding performances that perfectly convey the kids’ fragility, togetherness, and dread. As Pennywise, Bill Skarsgard gives a mesmerizing and memorable performance, combining innocent fun with unadulterated evil. It is well-known for its powerful and frightful moments as well as its examination of deeper topics like dread, trauma, and the strength of friendship.

2. “Terrifier” (2016)

Terrifier clown movie on netflix

In the 2016 horror movie “Terrifier,” Art the Clown—a scary and cruel clown—takes center stage. The Damien Leone-directed film follows Art as he terrorizes a bunch of unwitting victims on Halloween night. The movie is infamous for its excessive blood and brutality, which goes beyond what is often considered horror. It contains violent and gory scenes that are not suitable for the weak of the heart. With its impressive practical effects and makeup work, “Terrifier” is a tense, atmospheric movie that inspires a feeling of dread and uneasiness, contributing to the overall visceral and unpleasant experience.

3. “Clown” (2014)

Clown 2014 movie on netflix

“Clown” (2014) is one of the Scariest Clown Movies On Netflix directed by Jon Watts that tells the story of a man who becomes possessed by an old, malicious clown outfit, combining aspects of supernatural possession and body horror. The film follows the main character, Andy forces, as he gradually succumbs to the terrible forces of the clown costume. “Clown” cleverly exploits people’s fear of clowns, tapping into a deep-seated anxiety that many people have. “Clown” is a fascinating horror film that digs into the terrifying clown style, combining great plot, outstanding effects, and strong acting to produce a really creepy and unpleasant experience.

4. “Stitches” (2012)

Stitches 2012 clown movie on netflix

“Stitches” (2012) is a darkly humorous horror film starring Ross Noble as the vengeful clown, who delivers both fright and amusement. The storyline of the film concerns a group of kids who inadvertently kill Stitches during a birthday party, only for him to return from the dead years later seeking vengeance. Director Conor McMahon achieves a wonderful combination of horror and humor, with genuine shocks interspersed with well-timed gags. “Stitches” presents a very enjoyable horror-comedy experience that will keep spectators interested and delighted throughout, thanks to its rapid pacing and witty screenplay.

5. “Circus Kane” (2017)

Circus Kane clown movie

“Circus Kane” (2017) is a terrifying horror film that transports viewers to the dark realm of a murderous circus. The plot revolves around a group of participants who are asked to spend one night in a famed haunted home owned by the mysterious and frightening Circus Kane. They encounter a series of terrible trials as they make their way through the mansion and must confront their innermost fears in order to live. The Scariest Clown Movies On Netflix’s dramatic pacing puts viewers on edge, and Jonathan Lipnicki’s portrayal as the central character is outstanding. The depth of the candidates is weak, making it difficult for viewers to emotionally participate in their journey.

6. “Clownhouse” (1989)

Clownhouse movie on netflix

The psychological horror film “Clownhouse” (1989) depicts three young siblings who are tormented by escaped mental patients masquerading as clowns. Victor Salva’s direction creates a tense mood that remains throughout the plot. “Clownhouse’s” effectiveness resides in its ability to capitalize on the natural terror connected with clowns. While the performances aren’t especially memorable, the young performers do a good job of showing their characters’ dread and fragility. The pace is typically good, with tremendous dread contrasted with gentler, suspenseful parts. “Clownhouse” has faced controversy due to the director’s criminal actions, potentially impacting viewers’ enjoyment.

7. “Amusement” (2008)

Amusement 2008 clown movie

“Amusement” (2008) is one of the Scariest Clown Movies On Netflix that tells three intertwined terror scenarios, focusing on three ladies haunted by a terrible character from their past, who must confront their fears and fight for their lives. With its moody photography and spooky music, the film excels at establishing a sense of suspense and discomfort.

The film effectively employs horror themes like tension, jump scares, and psychological torture, with a strong cast convincingly portraying dread and vulnerability. “Amusement,” on the other hand, falls short in terms of inventiveness and character development. The narrative is conventional and predictable, and the characters are undeveloped, making it difficult to empathize with their suffering. 

8. “Killjoy” (2000)

Killjoy clown movie

“Killjoy” (2000) is an inexpensive horror film produced by Craig Ross Jr., about a group of kids who mistakenly call a demonic clown, but it fails to merge horror with humor well. “Killjoy” suffers from the narrative is repetitive and predictable, with no shocks or innovation. Humor efforts are sometimes forced and inappropriate for the horror genre, resulting in a shallow and predictable plot. lack of execution, with mediocre acting, rushed performances, and a lack of depth. Despite its flaws, it is a low-budget horror picture that will appeal to aficionados of kitschy and campy-watching experiences. The film may appeal to lovers of low-budget horror flicks, but it is likely to disappoint the ordinary spectator.


“Killjoy” (2000) is a low-budget horror film that fails to deliver on its promise of shocks and hilarity due to lousy acting, mediocre special effects, and a predictable plot. It may appeal to B-movie horror lovers who like the genre’s tacky and campy features. However, it is likely to be a forgettable and unsatisfying experience for the ordinary spectator. The film lacks creativity and fails to build a really threatening or believable opponent in the guise of Killjoy, the demonic clown. The horror genre isn’t getting anything fresh or thrilling. It serves as a reminder that a film must execute its unique idea properly in order to be successful.

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