Friends New Year Episodes That You Must Watch

How you doing ?! fella… Welcome to the world of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.. where Joey doesn’t share food, Phoebe wants to be Consuela Banana Hammock, Monica is busy cleaning Chandler’s apartment while Chandler uses sarcasm to keep Janice far, and Rachel and Ross are on a break ( though don’t tell her I said that..)

And here you are reminiscing about Friends New year Episodes and their fun-filled holidays even 17 years after they have ended.

Trust me; I can fully relate.. After all, that is why I wrote about it, so I won’t have to get through the whole list to scan my way through Friends New year episodes instead, have my ready to open guide for all the nostalgic binge-watching

No matter how many times we have watched this show, it has a certain charm that keeps us calling back whenever we need our safe place of distraction or just get into these festive spirits for the holidays..!! After all, what’s the best way to spend New Year than with your friends by your side eating popcorns binge-watching your all-time favorite Friends New year episodes. Even thinking about it brings a smile to my face, and surely to yours too..!!

How many Friends New Year Episodes are there-

There are, in total, 5 New year Episodes shown through the 10 season journey. Here’s the list:

  • The One With the Monkey, season 1 episode 10
  • The One With The Inappropriate Sister, Season 5 Episode 10
  • The One With The Creepy Holiday Card, Season 8, Episode 11
  • The One with All the Resolutions, season 5, episode 11
  • The One with the Routine, Season 6, Episode 10

Ranking of Best Friends New year Episodes

Being a fan, you must know the value and the entertainment these Holiday episodes of friends hold. All the laughter, drama, chaos, tears, smiles, and most importantly, genuine friendship bonds held us through the merry journey. So let’s remind ourselves of how great these Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New year Episodes have been..!!

5) The One With The Inappropriate Sister, Season 5 Episode 10

The One With The Inappropriate Sister, Season 5 Episode 10

Bringing a little incest in the festive mood, this episode could be called an Sorry..!!

But that is the main plot of the episode, as Danny, Rachel’s boyfriend, has a ‘unique sibling bond’ with his sister Krista..Ahem ahemm… But you know, what we laugh the hardest, it was Joey’s delayed realization about knowing they are siblings, but again he is also the one who patches up Ross and Chandler with a play, “Could I be any more sorry?” ( I love that idiotic guy..!!)

In the New year’s festive spirit, Phoebe decides to volunteer for Salvation Army by collecting donations, even though if it includes shouting at old ladies..!! Trust me; nothing is ever predictable with Phoebe..

4) The One With the Monkey, season 1 episode 10

The One With the Monkey, season 1 episode 10

The first season is, in the true sense, a New year episode as it is the only episode that actually hosts a New year party, and that too with a monkey. In this episode, the group is seen having a New Year’s Eve party at Monica’s, but as always party doesn’t go as planned. With Ross being newly divorced and others being single at the time made a pact to have a singles party. But everyone except Ross fails to carry on and ends up bringing dates to the party even Chandler…comes with Janice..!! Ohh Myy Godd..!! (I know, I know I hate her too.)

 Even after that, by the end, all end up being single and Joey kissing Chandler..!! Hahaha, that’s right.

3)The One with the Routine, Season 6, Episode 10

The One with the Routine, Season 6, Episode 10

Woah, this was definitely funny and best if anyone wants to know what Geller’s spirit of competition is. It is a mix of Christmas-New year episode where both events are happening at the back. Though the subplot, where the whole gang is searching for Christmas gifts hidden by Monica, is quite exciting and funny, but what steals the show is Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve party, where the dance routine of Monica and Ross is…Wild. I promised myself once in my life; I’m going to learn and perform that (in my room, obviously). That amusing dynamic obsession of Gellers really makes the episode worth a watch.

( A scene where Rachel flirts with Gunther to get a hint of the gifts is seen in the episode’s first airing. But it is cut from the re-runs; I don’t know why ?)

2) The One With Ross’s Step Forward, Season 8, Episode 11

The One With Ross’s Step Forward, Season 8, Episode 11

(also known as “The One With The Creepy Holiday Card”)

Though it doesn’t carry much for a holiday spirit, it still holds a very high position among amazing episodes. While it is the first new year of Monica and Chandler’s married life, they are annoyed and irritated with Chandler’s new boss… Well, what exactly was Chandler’s job ?? can somebody please tell me..!! Well, no one really knows, but his bosses definitely don’t make it easier too.. If we hate anyone more than our boss, it would be Chandler’s boss.. right!??

It is funny seeing Phoebe trying to jumble through pregnant and much horny..Rachel..!! Her hormones are kicking in and are now directed to..only one thing.. Well, actually one person, Joey..!! Her interest in Joey was really an essential and significant plot twist. It is the beginning of a much debatable plotline..throughout the show’s history. It was this pairing that had the biggest for-against battle for me. On one side, I loved how cute they looked together, especially after knowing Matt Le Blanc (Joey) really had a crush on her in real life. On the other wanting them to be together felt like cheating on our favorite couple- Ross and Rachel… I mean, of course, they were bound to be together..!! Duhhh.

Only Ross is seen here having that holiday storyline as he is avoiding having that ‘where are we’ conversation and ends up sending joint New year cards with Mona and saying ‘I Love You’ohhh, Ross being Ross. 

1. The One with All the Resolutions, season 5, episode 11

The One with All the Resolutions, season 5, episode 11

Another fantastic episode that thematically hosts New Year Vibes is The One With All the Resolutions.. It starts with the scene from January as the group decides on their New Year Resolutions…

Rachel won’t gossip

Monica wants to take more photos,

Phoebe’s going to learn to fly

Joey tries to learn guitar (for his resume), and 

Chandler cuts back on the jokes. ( as if that was possible..duhh)

But the most fascinating resolution was of Ross.. who makes a vow to try something new every day. But that leads up to a series of funny and hilarious moments throughout the episode. C’mon, you can’t seriously tell me you forgot that memorable Leather pants..!!!

Wrapping Up

Friends New Year episodes are less in quantity but definitely not in quality. We surely get our full dose of comedy, laughter, drama, entertainment, and of course, happy-sad tears. I’m sure you would never regret coming back to them; after all, they were the first to show us what friendship exactly meant. I have my plans for the New Year fixed.. A Friend New year marathon sleepover with all my amazing friends..making absurd Resolutions..

 I’m sure remembering these episodes must have jogged up your creativity and have left you feeling inspired, so go make your own New Year funny and creative Resolutions. But do not forget to comment and share with me too…

I promise I won’t judge…!!!

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