Where to Watch Tulsa King | How to Stream all Seasons in the US and UK

It was not so long ago when everyone got to know about the release of Tulsa King. And now you can stream the show on your TVs in no time! However, if you are still struggling and wondering where to watch Tulsa King, then do not worry; I’ve got you covered.

Tulsa King starring Sylvester Stallone do not need any introduction. Tulsa King is an addicting crime drama TV series. The show is already renewed for a season two. So, if you are planning to watch the show now, then this is the right time.

Without wasting anymore time, let’s quickly get into where to watch Tulsa King. In this article, I have also shared where you can watch Tulsa King if you live in the US or UK. (Even without getting subscribed to some streaming platform)

Is Tulsa King on Paramount Plus?

Where to watch Tulsa King

Paramount plus or Paramount+ is a new streaming site derived from Viacom CBS. the main reason behind its creation is to compete with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and HBO Max. Also, Tusla King is available on Paramount Plus.

The Paramount Plus has 30,000 episodes and movies. The channels associated with it are BET, CBS, MTV, Nick Jr, and many more.

The devices where you can access Paramount Plus devices are Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Chromecast, Android phones, PlayStation 4, Firestick, Fire TV, Fire Cube, and Portal TV.

Anyone who is subscribed to Paramount Plus, can easily watch the season 1 on the platform. For those who do not have access to the streaming service in their country may find it difficult to watch the show. But fret not, you can access the TV Show with the help of VPNs.

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Is Tulsa King on Apple TV?

Where to watch Tulsa King

Apple TV is a streaming media player, it helps you listen to music, watch videos, and use other types of apps from the internet on your TV. The channels related to Apple TV are PBS Kids, Bloomberg, Flickr, Trailers, and many more. Also, Tulsa King is on Apple TV.

The subscriptions plans for Apple TV are $4.99 per month. Moreover, it gives free subscriptions for the initial three months.

How to Watch Tulsa King all Seasons in the US and UK?

Coming down to the main question! People who live in the States and UK can watch Tulsa King easily on Paramount Plus. Paramount Plus is one of the most watch streaming platform. Due to its wide range of TV Shows and movies, people tend to go for the subscription plans.

However, if you are looking to watch the show without Paramount Plus, then I would recommend you to use VPN. There are a number of options of VPNs available in the market. With them you will be able to access any TV show or movie that is not available in your country.

Final Words

These were the platforms where you can easily watch Tulsa King. I hope and wish you a great time watching this TV show. Do let me know in the comment section how was the show. Also, if you find any other platform that is streaming Tulsa King, do let me know in the comment section. (Make sure that the platform is legal) Until then, happy streaming fellas!

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