Why Goonies 2 Was Cancelled | Know The Proper Reason

In the mid-Nineteen Eighties, a scrappy band of misfit youngsters captivated audiences with the cherished adventure movie The Goonies. Directed by Richard Donner and produced with the aid of Steven Spielberg, the 1985 movie follows a group of buddies who find a treasure map and activate on a quest to save their homes from foreclosure.

With its eccentric characters, witty communication, and sense of childlike marvel, The Goonies has become a highly popular cult film that still entertains viewers nowadays.

Unlike many iconic 80s films, though, The Goonies by no means got a sequel – that’s sudden given its enduring recognition. Over the years, rumored observe-American surfaced here and there, getting lovers’ hopes up that they will one day go back to the sector of Mikey, Data, Mouth, and the group.

So what exactly befell with The Goonies 2? Why was a sequel never made? Let’s get to the bottom of this thriller!

A Sequel Almost Happened – and a Musical

Director Richard Donner desired a Goonies sequel nearly as a whole lot as any fan. The filmmaker often noted he turned into open to the idea. Beyond that, Donner changed into actively working on writing a Goonies 2 with Steven Spielberg.

In a 2008 interview with Variety, Donner cited he and Spielberg had observed the right idea for the sequel. Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out. “We attempted honestly tough, and Steven (Spielberg) stated, ‘Let’s do it.’ […] however, it simply didn’t seem to name for it” – the ones had been Donner’s words on the matter.

In the identical interview, Donner also famous he had plans to take The Goonies to Broadway. Yes, turning the film right into a musical became in the cards sooner or later. In 2010, Tim Long helped Donner with the Goonies musical. However, just like the sequel, the musical was by no means launched.

Another motive why we never noticed a Goonies 2 is Spielberg himself. Famously, the acclaimed filmmaker has had adversarial sequels for the duration of a maximum of his profession. If he wasn’t on board for Goonies 2, the project in reality wouldn’t show up. For enthusiasts, Spielberg changed into as imperative to the experience because the rest of the solid.

There Was a Goonies 2 – Sort of

Imagine the youngsters’ surprise during the 1987 holiday season when they saw the Goonies II online game on shop cabinets. While making video games based on films turned into a common trend in the 80s, Konami’s The Goonies II wasn’t adapting a pre-present movie at all.

The recreation – which came out in Japan first – offers a unique take on the Goonies mythos. The plot concerned Mama Fratelli kidnapping Annie, a mermaid, to get returned to the Goonies. The gang assembly of a mermaid become one of the many viable thoughts for the sequel that in no way changed into.

While now not canon in any way, The Goonies II proves that, even back in the 80s, people were hungry for more Goonies.

Richard Donner’s Passing Might Mean the End for the Goonies 2

In July 2021, Richard Donner died at the age of ninety-one due to coronary heart failure. Along with The Goonies, lovers don’t forget Donner for his paintings on the mythical Superman movie. His demise shattered the hopes of maximum Goonies lovers who have been nonetheless awaiting a sequel.

Donner has been speaking approximately doing Goonies 2 for over 30 years, and diehard enthusiasts were satisfied simplest he ought to recapture the magic of The Goonies. Over the many years, Donner fed into rumors of a sequel that might skip the torch to a new technology.

Unfortunately, without Donner, there may by no means be a Goonies 2. Legacy sequels, as good-sized as they’re now, aren’t usually popular with fanatics. Making a new Goonies now many years after the unique and without the unique director might be a recipe for catastrophe.

Even actor Ke Huy Quan, who plays Data in the authentic film, believes there may never be a Goonies 2. “We lost the captain of our ship Dick Donner, and I in reality don’t know if there’s going to be a Goonies 2,” the actor advised IndieWire in a 2023 interview.

Still, Quan mentions he’d “Love to revisit the person of Data” if the proper script comes alongside. It seems, but, that script nonetheless doesn’t exist.

We May Not Need a Goonies Sequel

On the problem of legacy sequels, lovers are nevertheless cut up on whether The Goonies desires a sequel at all. For many, including Reddit person u/Mudron “The story [doesn’t] lent itself to a sequel that without problems.

The concept of Goonies 2 seems more fueled by way of the need for extra adventures on this iconic setting – and now not simply because fans want greater of the same as the primary film. Ghostbusters II made that specific mistake, as did many 80s comedies – which all became out to be container workplace flops.

It’s safe to anticipate that if a sequel wasn’t made while Donner was alive, it would be almost impossible to make one now. For what it’s well worth, we’ll constantly have the authentic film, which stays as culturally large now as it changed into in the 80s.

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